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Long Distance Calling Plans - Currently Available

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These plans are available to new and existing customers.

(The following calling plan descriptions do not include applicable Universal Service or Carrier Cost Recovery Fees.) (Note: For calls made by using Access Code 883, a per-minute charge of $2.64 will apply. Standard tariffed or other applicable per-call surcharges will apply to these calls. Usage charges will be applied to each minute or fraction thereof of a call.)

  • MCI Anytime Access
  • MCI Anytime Value
  • MCI Basic Dial 1
  • MCI Family Assist
  • MCI Nationwide
  • MCI Nationwide 200 Plus
  • MCI Nationwide Instate
  • MCI Nationwide Select
  • MCI Net Value
  • MCI Sure Save Basic
  • MCI Unlimited

  • Service Agreement Resources

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